Well, it’s a parody news site. We’re actually strongly committed to fact-based discourse in normal life, but when reality becomes untenable, why not cocoon ourselves in the bubble of a better, if imaginary, world? On November 8, 2016, Hillary Clinton lost a presidential election that she won by around 3,000,000 votes, or a little more than 2% of the vote. Hey, America’s a weird place.

Better News Now is a coping mechanism, a way for snarky coastal (we are not coastal) elites (we are definitely not elites) to blow off steam in the brave new world of a democracy on the decline. We’re gloomy these days, but we’re funny, and we want to produce something that might elicit a smile in the darkness. Gallows humor? Yeah. But when do you need humor more?

Better News Now is documenting Hillary Clinton’s historic transition, inauguration, and the life and times of America during her presidency from 2017-2021. We aren’t fake news – we are delusional news. But it’s not a bad delusion. Please enjoy our offerings. Let us know if you’d like to write for us. Let’s stick together.