AHCA is headed to a vote, but there is some good news out there

Obviously, our little website’s mission of serving up jokes and alt-reality takes has been swamped by reality. Today, Paul Ryan will push to have his healthcare reform proposal, the American Health Care Act, voted on in the House. No Democrats are backing the bill, which would (at a minimum) strip 24 million people of health insurance over the next decade, 14 million of health insurance next year, force older Americans to pay significantly higher premiums, deregulate what states can allow as “insurance” (Matt Yglesias at Vox had a funny riff on a recent episode of The Weeds about a future “health plan” that doesn’t pay for healthcare, but instead gives you your subsidy/tax credit amount in Chipotle gift cards), and allows states to waive out of essential health benefits and protections for people who have pre-existing conditions. It will allow insurers to once again impose lifetime caps, even in employer-sponsored plans, and its $880B cut to Medicaid will have the side effect of slashing school budgets for special ed.

It is, like Paul Ryan himself, a monstrosity.

In keeping with this website’s mission of bringing some better news to dark times, we want to share with you what we’re seeing in America as our Republican congress sells us out, again and again, to corporate interests, because some of that is really a marvel to behold. Keep the faith – the #resistance remains strong, we are generating funds for innovative marketing campaigns that hold our electeds accountable, and at the end of the day, we must remember that Nancy Pelosi has a storied history of riding a wave into the Speakership. Here’s some Better News Now:

1. A group called Fight for the Future raised what I assume is a bunch of money to buy billboards in Republican districts over the legislation that allows ISPs to sell your browsing history without your permission. This is good stuff, and sets the tone for 2018 in a really clear way. (Photo credits: Fight for the Future)

Marsha Blackburn of TN-7

Sen. Dean Heller, NV

2. Progressive stalwart MoveOn.org has gotten into the fray with several high-energy video ads targeting at least one vulnerable House Republican. Here’s their message for voters in Rep. Rodney Freylinghusen’s NJ-11 district:

They’ve even thrown in on the GA-6 race to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price, one of the chief monsters when it comes to healthcare. Here’s the same ad repurposed a bit for Jon Ossoff (throw him a few dollars if you’re able):

I’m not playing Pollyanna here – these are dark times and we’re suffering incredible attacks from the party running our government. I just want to put out the reminder that we are powerful, and that our energy is fueling an electoral uprising unlike any that’s been seen in the United States in decades. If you’re feeling hopeless, find an Indivisible group near you to network with (or start one!). Check out podcasts like Pod Save America and get some serious moral support. Or, you can always Run for Something.

We are 79 Tuesdays away from the midterm elections. We are 79 Tuesdays away from taking the Speaker’s gavel from Paul Ryan’s blood-soaked hands. Keep the faith – and fight back.

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