Biden Fetes VP-Elect Kaine With Epic Kegger

WASHINGTON D.C. – Saying he wanted to “show him around the old place,” Vice President Joe Biden welcomed Vice President-elect Tim Kaine to the official Vice Presidential Residence at the US Naval Observatory on Saturday for what ended up being described by one party-goer as, “a raging kegger.”

Kaine, accompanied by his wife Anne, arrived at the residence around 7:00 in the evening, expecting to take in a tour of the building, which has housed the Vice President’s family since Walter Mondale’s tenure as veep, and perhaps enjoy some light hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine.

Biden had other plans. “That was such a tough campaign,” he told reporters, referring to the recent victory of the Clinton-Kaine ticket after a grueling and deeply negative campaign season. “These people need to celebrate a little, blow off some steam!”

With an assist from musician Dave Matthews, who is a favorite of Tim Kaine, several kegs of home brew that Biden had procured from the basement of the White House, and a motley assortment of 100 or so people no one seemed to know, the Kaines found themselves in a crush of dancing revelers that only broke up around 1:00 a.m. when D.C. Police were called to the Observatory for a noise complaint. “We’re out here about once a month,” said a responding officer, shrugging. “Biden.”

As Tim and Anne Kaine emerged from the residence and swayed unsteadily toward an Uber in the early morning hours, the future Vice President gushed to a group of reporters, “Oh, man! I had no idea how great this job was going to be!”

(Photo: Joshua Davis)

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