Clinton Taps Neil deGrasse Tyson for DOE

WASHINGTON D.C. – As President-elect Hillary Clinton assembles her cabinet, she’s calling on some of the nation’s top talent. Today, the transition team announced that Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson has agreed to lead the Department of Energy in the new administration. An astrophysicist and cosmologist, Mr. Tyson is a popular science communicator who has also hosted a number of science-oriented television specials and series.

“We are so excited to continue President Obama’s tradition of placing truly stellar science minds in the role of Secretary of Energy,” said John Podesta. “Giving Mr. Tyson the broadest possible platform to continue his work of igniting a love of science in the public mind, especially children, while imbuing the the Department with visionary leadership is a marriage made in heaven.”

Seen with his family near his home in Manhattan, Mr. Tyson said, “While my passion is space, the idea of participating in helping the world transition to a cleaner energy future was too good to pass up.” Moving the country away from polluting technologies and toward clean energy resources is a key goal the incoming administration has set for itself.

The Senate is expected to confirm Tyson easily.

(Photo: Sarah Elliott)

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