The Day in Hillary, International Women’s Day

Dear Diary,

Didn’t get a chance to check in yesterday because I was receiving an award from Girls, Inc! Such a great organization. It was really an honor to spend time with them yesterday. I wore my red pantsuit to the luncheon, first because it’s my favorite lately, but second because today is International Women’s Day, and women everywhere are wearing red for “A Day Without Women.” I’m wearing red for “A White House Without Women.” I’m also seeing red about it, which brings me to Paul Fucking Ryan.

I read Paul Fucking Ryan’s shitshow healthcare bill last night. Let’s keep in mind, he’s the “smart one” in the GOP. What that says about that party is awful. The bill is tragic, and Dems in congress have to stay united against it. In the country, it isn’t just Dems who have to rise up and fight this. If the American people let the Republicans uninsure them by the millions and raise prices while reducing coverage for millions more, I won’t know what to believe about our democracy anymore. It’s easy to laugh at hapless old Paul and his band of know-nothings, but it isn’t easy at all to laugh at people with diabetes losing access to insulin, people with cancer hitting an annual cap in the middle of chemo, or a pregnant woman not being able to buy insurance after she’s been laid off. Whatever malfunction is happening in the Republican brain is really, really bad for America.

My beekeeping books should arrive today from Amazon. So excited! Can I train them to sting people? That’d be great. Bill, in particular, might need a few corrections here and there. Buzz off, Bill.

Gratitude time! On this International Women’s Day, I am grateful for:

  1. Feminism. Fuck yeah. And the thousand generations of women who’ve worked throughout their lives to get us where we are today. That arc of justice doesn’t bend itself – we do that. We’ll always do that.
  2. Girl Scout Cookies. I won’t lie – our stash of these got me through November and December. Plus, the Girl Scouts are an amazing organization. Win win.
  3. Big bottles of red wine. What pairs better with a plate of Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs? Nothing. That’s what.

Happy International Women’s Day, Diary!

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