Farmer Bill: First Gentleman To Grow Hops In Michelle’s Garden

CHAPPAQUA N.Y. – In a Tuesday interview, incoming First Gentleman Bill Clinton revealed some of his plans for becoming the First Spouse, filling a role that has exclusively been handled by women until now.

“Well that garden that Michelle grows, that’s something else,” he said admiringly. “You probably know I went vegan after my heart attack, so the idea of having a big garden here is great, but what I really want to do is build on Barack’s hobby of brewing beer in the White House.” President Obama made news with his White House home brew operation, and even shared recipes with national home brew organizations.

“I’ve been reading about hops – you wouldn’t believe how many kinds there are – and what I’d really like to do is plant hops this spring over in the garden that Michelle Obama started. Can you imagine the kind of beer we could get with White House-grown hops?”

Asked whether he knew that hops vines are farmed vertically and require tall scaffolding and chains to grow properly, he looked thoughtful. “I didn’t know that. I bet Hillary wouldn’t like me messing up her view, would she?”

(Image: Niles Picayune)

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