Ghost Of Reagan Not Sure What’s Up With Today’s GOP

HEAVEN – In a rare interview with the Ghost of Ronald Reagan, America’s 40th President and the man who is widely credited with defeating the Soviet Union and bringing the Cold War to an end, the Ghost of Reagan expressed disbelief when informed that today’s GOP is a pro-Russia, pro-tariff party.

“How in the hell did that happen?” he asked, appearing bewildered.

As for the GOP’s sudden leap from an absolutist free market stance to one of protectionism and tariffs, the deceased president, who left our earthly realm in 2004, muttered, “Well I’m just glad I’m not around to see that.”

As the interview concluded, Ronald Reagan’s ghost asked if there was any news from England that he could pass on to his friend, the ghost of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Given a brief overview of the recent Brexit vote and the potential of the dissolution of the UK through independence referendums in Scotland and Northern Ireland, he put his spectral head into his spectral hands and groaned.

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