Clinton Team Announces Pantsuitstock Music Festival

CHAPPAQUA, NY – President-elect Hillary Clinton’s transition team today announced that they are breaking with tradition and will soon reveal a lengthy all-star lineup of living and dead recording artists for a three-day music festival to be held on the National Mall from January 21-23. Billed as “Pantsuitstock,” the event is intended to provide additional Inauguration events for the crush of Clinton supporters who have been unable to secure lodging in the fully-booked Washington D.C. area ahead of the January 20 swearing-in ceremony.

John Podesta told reporters, “Because of the vast numbers of Americans who have tried to schedule a trip D.C., we decided that spreading the events out over several days was more fair and more inclusive. At the end of the day, any Inauguration is about all Americans, and it just made sense to make sure that no one is left behind as President-elect Clinton assumes the office and gets to work.”

The event will be televised and streamed online, and reports from within the music industry indicate that much of the world’s top talent is already adjusting schedules to be part of Pantsuitstock. Podesta said he anticipates the release of the full line up by the end of the year, then quipped, “Unless Wikileaks beats us to it, of course.”

(Photo: Center for American Progress)

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