Obama Grants Megyn Kelly’s Asylum Request

WASHINGTON – White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today confirmed that President Obama has personally authorized journalist Megyn Kelly’s request for political asylum. “The President and his staff looked into the matter closely,” Earnest said. “It’s such a clear case for asylum. We have a reporter from an oppressive, corrupt regime who may face official reprisals or worse if she stays. We’re happy to welcome her.”

President-elect Hillary Clinton addressed the issue at her weekly press conference yesterday, telling reporters, “I spoke with the President by telephone just this morning, and I told him that I fully support Megyn Kelly being granted political asylum here in our country. This is a brave woman who has been forced to operate under truly deplorable conditions for many years. She’s overcome so much in her own land to report stories and take unpopular stands while facing terrible consequences for doing so. America is a land of opportunity and reinvention, and we’re optimistic that Megyn Kelly will soon be able to call it home.”

Reached for comment after the White House press briefing, attorneys representing Kelly’s asylum process expressed gratitude to the president. “Freedom is sweet,” one said.

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