Wistful Biden Recalls “That Time In Marrakech…”

WILMINGTON, DE – At home with his family for his final Christmas as Vice President, Joe Biden has reportedly been wistful, reviewing old photographs of his decades in political life and regaling friends and loved ones with stories of the battles fought.

But it was a picture of the Vice President with his incoming successor, Vice President-elect Tim Kaine, that reportedly had the elder statesman at his most nostalgic. “This Kaine guy,” he told friends animatedly, waving around the picture of the two men in front of what looks like a large tent structure, “you don’t even know how that guy parties. This is from that time in Marrakech, and you’ve never seen anything like it.”

Biden has been heavily involved in the Clinton-Kaine transition effort, hosting the new second couple at the Vice President’s residence and sharing Vice Presidential knowledge with Sen. Kaine.

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